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The following people are real clients who are currently enrolled in our Transformation Sessions!

DeeDee 2 weeks

7 lbs in 2 Weeks


Meet DeeDee

She is currently enrolled in our 12 Week Transformation program.  She kettlebells and participates in our Nutrition Coaching program and follows our simple yet yummy meal plan! She promptly lost 7 lbs!

11 lbs in 4 weeks in the Transformation

11 lbs in 4 weeks

Meet DeeDee again…

Now 4 weeks in she has dropped a total 11 pounds! Her waist is shrinking, she looks years younger, she is sleeping great, her husband and daughters are amazed at her program!

Dee is currently at a 22lb loss!

 13lbs in 5 Weeks!

3 months ago this was tight!

3 months ago this was tight!

 Meet Melissa, Mother of 4 small girls.

3 months ago this was a tight “workout shirt!”

Now she rocks a new one in Kettlebells! She is half way home!

Kettlebell Mama

On her way!

val before kettlebells

Valerie Before

Valerie came to the Junkyard to lose weight and get strong!

She not only lost 20 lbs!

She has kept it off for over 2 years!

Kettlebell Strong!

Valerie Today!


Tami half way to goal!



12 Weeks 25 lbs!! This is Tami. She splits her time between our awesome Indoor Cycling program and Kettlebells!

She has had to buy new pants TWICE since staring her journey at Christmas!

We believe in our programs!

So much that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

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